Turkish and Armenian Pastors and Leaders Joined together at the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan


To see a movement of Armenians and Turks who have not only been reconciled in truth and love but are working together toward the mutual betterment of their respective nations.

Our Mission

  • To encourage and facilitate the reconciliation of Armenians and Turks
  • To foster the building of relationships between Armenians and Turks
  • To create an environment for forgiveness and repentance
  • To promote strategic partnerships
  • To inspire the church to embrace its calling as peacemaker


  • ATPI is not affiliated with a specific church or denomination but rather seeks to serve and bless the whole body of Christ
  • ATPI is aware of the enormous diversity of perspectives, the substantial political and systemic challenges, and the deep, long-standing hurts associated with Armenian-Turkish relations. These issues are real, ongoing, and consequential
  • ATPI recognizes Christ's bold exhortation to forgive others as we have been forgiven by God. Our members experience with one another the joy and freedom of forgiveness in Christ and we boldly welcome others into this grace.
As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be peacemakers, to be healers, to walk in mercy, in justice, in repentance and forgiveness and, in all of this, to be salt and light to all who have lost the taste and who walk in the darkness of hopelessness. ATPI has and is putting all these aspects of our call into practice in the maze of tragic relationships, helping a growing number to walk out of this dark maze into healing and light. Personally, I believe it will touch more than just the relationships of our two peoples.
— A Turkish National and Well Respected Church Leader